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Measure Amazon EC2, SimpleDB, SQS and SNS Services Latency From Your Browser!

Amazon Cloud is available in multiple regions and this tool will help you measure the latency from your browser to different regions. Click on the check latency button below to get started.

AWS Region Service Name HTTP Ping
N. Virginia
N. California
São Paulo


How reliable is this latency measurement?

I would say from absolute latency perspective, it's not very reliable. However you should be looking at the relative value of the observed latencies for each AWS region to identify which are best AWS regions for your location.

How are you measuring the HTTP Ping Request Latency?

We are making a HTTP GET request to AWS Service Endpoints (like EC2, SQS, SNS etc) for PING and measuring the observed latency for it across all regions.

What is NA in latency result?

It means Not Applicable and when a specific service like SimpleDB is not available in any AWS region, we will display NA instead of latency.